On the second day, the new, practical tech sessions offer a unique opportunity to closely work together with international experts in practical „know-shops“ about specific topics and tools for production, the future of sound and 360° / Virtual Reality storytelling. 

Overview Tech Sessions

09.00                       Check In

09.30                       Welcome Address and Conference Day Recap
                                 Albrecht Gerber, Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy of the federal state of Brandenburg

10.30 - 15.30        TECH SESSIONS 1- 5 (see below) to further examine issues from the Conference Day in a hands-on manner. 

  10.30 - 12.30        CLOSED TECH SESSIONS: You will need to book your spot while registering on Eventbrite!

  12.30 - 13.30        Lunch Break

  13.30 - 15.30        OPEN TECH SESSIONS

  15.30 - 16.30        Coffee to go!





This Tech Session is a thorough investigation of different tools for smart, collaborative and linked production. Find out about innovative tools for script writing, pre-production, on-set tools, data management and pre-grading as well as dailies and rights management. Work with the latest software to boost your production with modern and efficient workflows. Deepen your know-how in direct interaction with our experts and learn more through their concrete use cases!

You’ll be joined by Lockit Network, Drylab,, DramaQueen, Yamdu and more! Ask questions and get answers from their developers, who’ll be there alongside you.

Location:     RBB Studio 1



This is the workshop to try your hand at the technologies making the picture more real than ever today. Learn about High Dynamic Range Workflows from Acquisition to Distribution to Wide Colour Gamut and evaluate the latest display technologies for yourself. Ask questions and get answers first-hand from our experts in this highly interactive format, share insights with fellow participants, and have fun playing with this cutting-edge tech too! 

Sebastian Göhs (Rotor Film, Potsdam, Germany), Jan Fröhlich (ARRI, Munich, Germany), Daniele Siragusano (FilmLight Ltd., London, UK), Heike Quosdorf (Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart, Germany)

Location: Rotor Film Babelsberg, Cinema Stage F



A leading expert in the technology of sound for film, gaming and VR, Amaury La Burthe will give a masterclass on interactive sound and audio. Through the use of a range of technologies from binaural, ambisonics, interactive and procedural audio, he will explain how AudioGaming created interactive and narrative soundtracks for multiple mediums, from the Type:Rider video game to Kinoscope, a 360° film.
In the afternoon, you’ll have the unique opportunity to gain exclusive insight into the sound behind the VR experience Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness. Amaury will share the challenges of the story and the format that led his team to develop innovative tools and new strategies to create a dazzling interactive acoustic experience that made Notes on Blindness become an international award-winner.

Amaury La Burthe (Audiogaming, Toulouse, France)
Location: Rotor Film Babelsberg, Cinema Stage E



In the morning, Arne Ludwig will present a masterclass exploring the essentials of producing in 360°, from pre-production to location recce to scripting, with emphasis on how sound design, audience awareness and distribution strategies can take your work to the next level. In the afternoon, Arne will be joined by Nicole Sengl for a 360° Playground session, where they'll mentor participants as they ask questions and explore how they can integrate cutting-edge tech and tools in their own 360° productions. 

Arne Ludwig, CSO Headtrip & Board member of the First German VR Association, Cologne, Germany
Nicole Sengl, Project Manager, XEN.ON TV, Potsdam, Germany
Location: MIZ Babelsberg



Work eye on eye with Emmy©-Awarded Visual Effects Supervisor and Creative Director Rainer Gombos on volumetric VR. It is your chance to interactively and practically work on the most exciting tech aspects of VR today with such an experienced VR pioneer in innovative volumetric video capture. Rainer founded REALTRA, a cutting edge production company specializing in immersive, volumetric VR - leveraging volumetric VR and VFX techniques to alter the entertainment and communications landscape of tomorrow.  Beforehand, Rainer opened and managed the production studio of the Virtual Reality startup 8i. The German Visual Effects Supervisor and Creative Director boasts a diverse background in blockbuster features (2012, Sin City…) and immersive experiences as well as video games, and worked on the expansion of VFX studio Pixomondo. And by the way... he also won an Emmy® Award for Best Visual Effects for his work as VFX Supervisor on Game of Thrones.

Rainer Gombos, Realtra - Los Angeles, USA
Location: / Film University