Wednesday, NOV. 14, 2018


Tech really matters for Film/TV Business.




„ALEXA, How will You change Our Industry?“

Panel on IoT & smart home tech for the entertainement business. From immersive home entertainment experiences, to deeper insights into audience behaviours, preferences and new opportunities for marketing, IoT and smart home technologies are set to change the entertainment experience as we know it. Amazon Voice Services Vice President Pete Thomson, Philip MCLauchlan, Chef Science Officer of in-video advertising startup Mirriad, and Mark Harrison, Managing Director of the Digital Production Partnership industry network, will unpack IoT’s growing impact in the entertainment industry and what these trends mean for its professionals. 

Mark Harrison - Managing Director, Digital Production Partnership (DPP) // London, UK

Philip MC Lauchlan - Chef Science Officer, MIRRIAD // London, UK

Pete Thompson - Vice President, Alexa Voice Service (AVS) // San Francisco, USA


AI for storytelling and film: SCRIPTWRITing and workflows.

Fire Side Chat on the future role of Artificial Intelligence for Storytelling. This session brings together Oscar Sharp, BAFTA-nominated filmmaker and co-creator of SUNSPRING, the first film written entirely by AI, with Debayjoti Ray, CEO of RivetAI, a startup streamlining pre-production with Machine Learning that counts SpaceX, Pixar and Microsoft among its users. Together they will discuss the promises and pitfalls of AI as an innovative tool for efficient production, or even as a collaborator for creative and surprising storytelling.

Deb Ray - Founder and CEO RivetAI. // Los Angeles, USA

Oscar Sharp - Director and Filmmaker // UK



Eight Ignite Talks on the latest Tech for the Film/TV Business. Speedy Ignite Talks of max 4 minutes each will introduce to you technologies that really matter. Enjoy the stage  powered by creative Tech!


Non-Fiction Futures: Documentary production, distribution and marketing  at the cutting-edge.

Discussion about the future of Non-Fiction. International documentary film experts come together to discuss the future of producing and distributing non-fiction films, as shaped by competitive online platforms, innovative technologies, new modes of participation and collaboration with audiences, as well as emerging markets around the world.

Marcus Vetter - Director, Producer, Commisioning Editor // Stuttgart, GER


Make Europe Prime Again? 

Debating the european answer to Netflix and Amazon. With BBC and ITV joining forces to create new subscription streaming service BRITBOX, ProSiebenSat.1 and Discovery Channel launching Germany’s biggest streaming platform, and three leading French broadcasters unveiling a joint online video platform, are tides turning against Netflix and Amazon? Or will these British and European challengers struggle to unseat their US rivals? The BRITBOX President, Head of Digital Strategies at ZDF, and a Deputy Director General at the European Commission will debate this very topical question.

Robert Amlung - Head of Digital Strategy, ZDF // Mainz, GER

Soumya Sriraman - President, BritBox SVOD // New York, USA