Wednesday, NOV. 14, 2018 / Stage 2

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10:45 - 11:45

„ALEXA, How will You change Our Industry?“

Panel on IoT & smart home tech for the entertainment business. Smart voice recognition, search algorithms, recommendation engines and personalized content are just a few of the technologies and trends which will drastically change the media industry as we know it.

Will we talk to a TV set rather than operating a remote control? Will our mood and emotions be measured and inform the content we will be recommended and shown? Will content be produced just in time for individual audiences? Who will benefit and loose from such drastic changes?

We’re excited to hear from pioneers at the forefront of technology applications in film & TV how Alexa (and other voice assistants), home technologies and the Internet of Things will change the film & business. 

Mark Harrison - Managing Director, Digital Production Partnership (DPP) // London, UK

Phil McLauchlan - Chef Science Officer, MIRRIAD // London, UK

Pete Thompson - Vice President, Amazon Voice Service (AVS) // San Francisco, US


12:00 - 13.00

AI for storytelling and film: SCRIPTWRITing and workflows.

Fireside Chat on the future role of Artificial Intelligence for Storytelling. More and more tools aiming to streamline the creative and production processes in the film & TV industries are beeing infused with algorithms and machine learning - and we will soon loose the ability to distinguish between the works of humans and machines.

Will AI help or interfere with the creative process? Will scriptwriting algorithms create just variations of existing scripts (and stories) over and over, or can they open a groundbreaking new chapter in the history of storytelling? How will AI impact the way we write, produce, distribute and see films? Should we look forward to or fear the arrival of machines in something that is at the core of humanity: storytelling?

In this fire side chat, two frontrunners at the intersection of film and technology will discuss the future role of artificial intelligence for storytelling, scriptwriting and workflows.

Deb Ray - Founder and CEO RivetAI. // Los Angeles, USA

Oscar Sharp - Director and Filmmaker // UK


14.00 - 15.00


Eight Ignite Talks on the latest Tech for the Film/TV Business. Speedy Ignite Talks of max 4 minutes each will introduce to you technologies that really matter. Enjoy the stage  powered by creative Tech!


15.15 - 16.15

Non-Fiction Futures: Documentary production, distribution and marketing  at the cutting-edge.

Discussion about the future of Non-Fiction. International documentary film experts come together to discuss the future of producing and distributing non-fiction films, as shaped by competitive online platforms, innovative technologies, new modes of participation and collaboration with audiences, as well as emerging markets around the world.

Christian Beetz - CEO, gebrueder beetz filmproduktion // Berlin, GER

Esther van Messel - CEO, First Hand Films // Zurich, CHE

Marcus Vetter - Director, Producer, Commissioning Editor // Stuttgart, GER

16:45 - 17:45

Make Europe Prime Again? 

Debating the European answer to Netflix and Amazon Prime. BBC and ITV joining forces to create new subscription streaming service BRITBOX. ProSiebenSat.1 and Discovery Channel launching Germany’s biggest streaming platform. The three leading French broadcasters are unveiling a joint online video platform as well.

Will these platforms have the power to adress the dominance of Netflix and Amazon Prime? Or do we need concerted European initiatives to play a role in the „big game“ of VoD?

Some of the most relevant VoD platforms will debate this very topical question.

Robert Amlung - Head of Digital Strategy, ZDF // Mainz, GER

Annabelle Gawer - Director, CoDE // Surrey, UK

Audrius Perkauskas - Deputy Head of CONNECT // Brussel, BEL

Soumya Sriraman - President, BritBox SVOD // New York, USA

Alexandar Vassilev - CEO 7TV Joint Venture GmbH // Munich, GER


18.00 - 19.00

From Science Docs to Cryptocurrency:

Welt der Wunder TV's Bold Blockchain Venture. The creators of Germany’s most-loved science and documentary series Welt der Wunder made headlines this year with their plunge into blockchain. Lead by CEO and Founder Hendrik Hey, Welt der Wunder TV are developing a blockchain-managed license, trading and sales platform and MILC, their own cryptocurrency. Their aim is to connect international broadcasters, VOD and online video producers with a $500 billion global market of purchasers and advertisers, all while funding a series of innovative film projects. Is this new venture an outlier in the world of German entertainment, or will they be the first of a wave of blockchain disruptors seeking to fix a broken industry? Which challenges have they tackled so far, which risks do they expect to face in the years to come? Find out why Welt der Wunder TV are betting everything on blockchain in this final case study.

Hendrik Hey - Creator and CEO, Welt der Wunder // Munich, GER