Hey CTPiX family,

Here at CTPiX we have a deep interest in how technology will advance the film & TV business. Smart voice recognition, search algorithms, recommendation engines and personalized content are just a few of the technologies and trends which will drastically change the media industry as we know it.

Will we talk to a TV set rather than operating a remote control? Will our mood and emotions be measured and inform the content we will be recommended and shown? Will content be produced just in time for individual audiences? Who will benefit and loose from such drastic changes?

We’re excited to hear from pioneers at the forefront of technology applications in film & TV how Alexa (and other voice assistants), home technologies and the Internet of Things will change the film & business.

Pete Thompson is Vice President of the Amazon Voice Service (AVS), which enables device makers to integrate Alexa directly into their products. Prior to Amazon, Pete built new businesses and products for a number of well-known brands, including HP, Microsoft, Sonos, T-Mobile and TiVo, and has served on the board of directors for several public companies, including E.W. Scripps and Sigma Designs.

Dr. Mark Harrison, managing director DPP
Mark has co-founded and leads the Digital Production Partnership (DPP). The DPP is the media industry’s international business change network, providing insight, technology change leadership and market opportunity for its 350 member companies. According to Mark, the most relevant technology for the TV industry will be a search (and recommendation) button with voice recognition.   

Dr. Tim Harris, CTO Mirriad  
Tim is the CTO of Mirriad, a video technology company delivering in-video advertising by naturally blending brand advertising into popular entertainment content. He is an experienced technology leader and systems architect and leads Mirriad’s R&D strategy and technology implementation. Tim has focused his career on evaluating the business value of technology. 

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