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the creators of Germany’s most popular science and documentary series Welt der Wunder made headlines this year with their plunge into the blockchain space. CEO and founder Hendrik Hey and his team at Welt der Wunder TV are developing a completely new blockchain-managed license, trading and sales platform as well as MILC, the platform's native cryptocurrency. Their aim is to connect international broadcasters, VOD and online video producers with a $500 billion global market of purchasers and advertisers, all while funding a series of innovative film projects.

Is this new venture an outlier in the world of German entertainment? Will their solution disrupt the current sales and distribution models for film and tv and help to fix a broken industry? Which challenges have they tackled so far, which risks do they expect to face in the years to come?

Find out in this case study why Welt der Wunder TV are betting everything on blockchain.

Hendrik Hey,  CEO and founder, Welt der Wunder TV

Hendrik was a producer for news, magazine-formats and documentaries before developing and presenting the groundbreaking science and documentary series Welt der Wunder (World of Wonders) on ProSieben. In 2013 Hendrik founded the broadcast network Welt der Wunder TV with free-to-air TV stations in Germany and Switzerland. Currently Hendrik is focusing on the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for a blockchain-driven content trading platform for the global entertainment industry.